00 Problem

As a student, transportation in Ithaca can be challenging, specially when one does not have a car and walking is exhausting because of the hilly nature of this city.

While Ithaca has a bus service, called the Tompkins County Area Transit (TCAT), figuring out the bus schedule and routes can become confusing because there are so many of them. This becomes even more tricky when the weather gets worse or when students barely have any time to shuttle between classes located at far off distances from one another. In such situations, they just want to get on the bus right outside their lecture halls, residence halls, gym, downtown etc.

The existing app solves the purpose, however it doesn’t provide much usability and accessibility to key information. The app is overloaded with excessive information, a bad navigation and even a worse user interface design. I decided to redesign it for a hobby project, and incorporated design principles of usability and readability, while simultaneously delivering a good user experience.

01 Research

For the purpose of gathering requirements for the redesign, I interviewed few Cornell students around their transport behavior and usage and asked them for their feedback on the existing application, their usage details of the app, and features they would like to include in it. A summary of my findings are below:

  • Users are confused by so many ways by which they can select “start” and “end” locations.
  • Clicking on a bus route shows a picture of the bus stop, image is too small and almost useless.
  • Decoding the detailed Route Map is time consuming and ineffective for mobile screens.
  • Users rarely use the “Arrive By” option while choosing a certain time to plan a route.
  • Users want an integrated map feature so that they don’t have to leave the app and use another app for directions.

02 Sketching

03 Wireframes

The mid-fidelity wire-frames above were created using Axure™ , and were based on the revised designs.

04 Prototype

a simple and minimalisticwelcome screen greets users,clearly showcasing main app features



seealerts &notices


in route planner bus transit info is shown based on user's current or chosen location

users can choose route start time
individual searches can be favorited

upon selecting a route, route description shows the directions to the destination

key element:maps
users report having to switch between transit and map apps to keep track of where they are going

integrating mapsprovides a seamless experience

 <<<in schedule, users can access schedule info by bus # or specific stop

selecting bus # displays stop-wise schedule  in a scrollable tabular form>>>

All visualization in this project have been completely designed, wire-framed, and prototyped by me using Adobe Photoshop™, axure™, and Sketch™. Icons used are either royalty-free or designed by me.