A concept design for a food delivery mobile application that caters to mainly delivering healthy food, hence providing users with a list of healthy chain and local restaurants and a clear indication of the food ingredients and calorific content.



Surveyed 25 people asking them to answer a variety of questions based on their behavior, patterns and expectations around ordering healthy food using a mobile app. Users were asked to rate their satisfaction with existing food delivery apps to get a better sense of user requirements, usability issues and accessibility challenges within the food delivery app ecosystem.

After understanding user requirements, designs sketches were created based on collected survey data, followed by mid-fidelity wire-framing session and getting feedback from surveyed users on the wireframes. After 3-4 wireframe iterations, incorporating user feedback, high-fidelity prototypes were created. The final design was reached after 4-5 iterations of different app screens.

People who said that calorie count and food item picture is the most important information to them, about any particular food item
People who said that selecting delivery location is the most important task they want to do as soon as they open the app as a new user
People who said that delivery time and order minimum is the most important information to them, about a restaurant

Design Sketches

Finalized Wireframes

Translating Wire-frames into Visual Mockups