Project Overview

GiveNext is a charity donation platform that makes the donation process simple and quick.
Our goal was to create a prototype mobile interface of the platform to enhance user experience to attract more users and increase user engagement.

Team Members
Priya Gupta, Jiahui Xu, Yitong Gao, Keyan Kelly Li, Janani Subhashini U

Problem Overview

Despite availability of advanced technology, majority of charity donations made these days are through direct mail which is time consuming. It requires mailing out a page long written application to the receiving organization. The same task can be performed in a lesser time span and in a cost-effective, cheaper way, using an internet based online platform. Currently, the client has a website and a beta version of the platform as a mobile application. However, not a lot of people/donors know about this method of donation or they don’t feel comfortable using online methods. Our goal with this project is to enhance the current version of the application to better understand user needs in the domain of charity donations, suggest possible design solutions to create a user-friendly interface and an effective, accessible and attractive user experience.

User Research

Key findings from user interviews (Cornell Professors) were:

  • Users want to find all the causes that they care about quickly and in one place.
  • Most users prefer auto-payment setup for recurring donations
  • Users are highly influenced by celebrity donations
  • Users like to see statistical data of their past givings by the year, month and date.
  • Users like to see how popular is a particular charity based on how many people have donated to it
  • Transparent process: amount of service free charged by GiveNext is clearly visible
  • Donation motivations are linked to personal lives. For ex., interviewees who have kids tend to make donations to children organizations and those who like sports are willing to help sports related charities


Interactive Prototype